The Study of Direct Vocabulary Learning Strategies in Reading Comprehension: The Case of Iranian context



Abstract – The present study was conducted to study the effect of direct vocabulary learning strategies on reading comprehension skill. To fulfill the purpose of study, a language proficiency test was administrated to one hundred male and female university students who studied in a course other than English as their major in Omidiyeh Islamic Azad University. Ultimately, sixty pre-intermediate students were selected and assigned into two of direct and control group. The direct group taught vocabulary through direct strategies (i.e., Structured reviewing, Using mechanical techniques, Repeating) for developing their vocabulary storage in reading comprehension. After ten sessions of treatment, the two groups were given a post-test of an achievement vocabulary test. Data analysis was conducted through t-test statistics. It demonstrated that the direct group who utilized direct vocabulary learning strategies outperformed the control group.




Vocabulary Learning Strategies (VLSs); Direct vocabulary learning Strategies

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