A case study on learning grammar among junior high school students: The case of negation

Mohammad Naghizadeh, Bahman Gorjian, Parisa Shahramiri


Abstract-This is an initial study that through a case study research focuses on the problem of making negative sentences the Iranian junior high school learners of English may face in learning English as a foreign language (EFL). In this study, a pre-test was used based on their textbook which deals with negative sentence construction. Then the instruction on remedial strategies on six students in face to face instruction was started based on PPP (Presentation, Practice and Production) approach. The case study research design was implemented and after the identification of the problems that the learners committed, they received four sessions of negation treatment. Finally, a post- test on making negative sentences was given to the students. A Paired Samples t-test revealed that that using case study was useful enough to tackle those problems.


Negation; case study research; PPP approach; remedial treatment

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