Tuning PSS to mitigate the propagation of electromechanical oscillation in power systems

Mahmoud Nour ALI


Power system oscillations may be triggered by many events in the system. Undamped oscillation can lead to oscillatory instability causing the cascading failure, and consequently, total system blackout. Power system stabilizer (PSS) is used to dampen most types of system oscillations. In this paper, The spatial propagation of electromechanical oscillation is introduced with an estimation of the propagation speed. A new objective function is introduced to be minimized with a MATLAB optimization function (FMINCON) to make a tuning for PSS parameters. The objective function depends mainly on the system average speed, which improve the parameters tuning for providing a good damping for the electromechanical oscillations.


Power system oscillations, power system stabilizer, disturbance propagation, MATLAB optimization

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