Shattered Short Stories into Iran EFL Classrooms to Promote Critical Thinking: "Literature, Down from the Pedestal"

Morteza Teimourtash


Abstract: No doubt literature is a rich source of information for EFL/ESL classroom settings, especially when it comes to the most challenging and thought provoking source of literature namely short stories, there would emerge teachable moments for teachers to take the  most out of the provided opportunity in promoting the critical thinking level of their students, because as a crystal clear aim of each and every language classroom, the main objective of language classroom setting is to enhance the critical thinking level of the learners and educate a high critical thinkers ready to take hold of their social lives in communities. In this view, literature is no more thought for the sake of literature, but it is only considered as a rich source of information for the sake of instructional purposes or we may call it what Maley [16] proposes in his paper: “Down from the Pedestal”. The authors believe that the traditional trend of treating short stories in Iran EFL settings should be overhauled due to the effects of the technology-centered lives we are facing today, so that such demand could be best quenched by the teachnique named as “shattered short stories”.


Critical thinking; Literature; Shattered short stories;

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