Achieving Critical Thinking Skills through Reading Short Stories

Mohammad Khatib, Kamran Mehrgan


The dichotomy between what to think and how to think and also making every attempt to monitor one's thinking and thoughts has been heeded much by scholars and educators. The abilities to reflect on our thinking processes, making sound decisions, and being logical are some conspicuous characteristics of critical thinking. This article attempted to establish critical thinking skills in TEFL students through providing them with some short stories to read. To this aim, through a sample TOEFL test of reading comprehension, 40 homogeneous students were selected out of 93 and randomly divided into two groups of 20: a control and an experimental group. After a two-month treatment period, the results of the study revealed that the students in the experimental group outperformed their counterparts in the control group. Thus, reading short stories made suitable tools for achieving critical thinking skills. The study came up with such a fact that short stories can establish critical thinking skills. Therefore, they are required to be included in the educational curriculum.


Critical Thinking Skills; Short Stories.

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