The Study on the Marketing Mode of China's Newspaper Industry in the Digital Era

Ting Gao, Yanhong Deng


In the digital age, the newspaper industries all over the world are facing with the various obstacles, and the outlook of the paper-based newspapers is also not optimistic. Based on this background, this paper applies the marketing theory of 4Ps (4Ps — product, price, place and promotion) which was put forward by Jerome McCarthy to analyze the marketing mode of China's newspaper industry. And through the research, the pros and cons of the marketing mode for each will be also discussed. With the gradual liberalization of the economy, the situation such as “technology is king” and “content is king” will be gradually changed, and finally the markets will come first in the near future. Therefore, the China's newspaper industry should be fully ready to improve its marketing mode. Anyhow, the China's newspaper industry should get rid of the bondage of traditional communication medium and keep the pace with the rapid development of science and technology.


Newspaper Industry; Marketing Mode; Digital Era

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