A Critical Look at the Notion of Critical Thinking from a New Personality Trait Perspective: "Midtrovert"

Morteza Teimourtash, Mansoor Fahim


Abstract – The two-folded dimension of Extrovert / Introvert personality trait is a very weak division when looking critically at the issue of Critical Thinking. Considering a different angle of view and looking at the agenda from Perception/Production perspective, a new stage would emerge as the authors named it "Midtrovert" through which the learners are led to participate and engage in the oscillating process of learning and as a result, leave so much room for the teachers to maneuver in the zone and promote the critical thinking level of the learners from low critical thinkers to high critical ones. Of course the absolute level of critical thinking is a phantom destination which either the extremes are either magical or far-fetched. That is to say that, an Introvert learner does not really exist in reality because the Introvert learner would never ever attend any (language) classes and avoid any open gathering in publicity. Of course such Introvert individual is the absolute Introvert in authors view. The same is true with the other end of the extreme as the Extrovert that such an individual does not exist in reality, because the Extrovert learner to its absoluteness and extremeness has a magical standing point due to being involved in a dynamic and diachronic zone. The authors believe that an act of oscillation in the zone of proximal critical thinking which authors called the involved learners as “Midtrovert” personality trait is the key to promote the critical thinking level of the learners.


Critical thinking; Personality trait; Midtrovert; Perception; Production

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