Gender aspects of vague language across movie players: The case of English and Persian social movies

Abbas Paziresh, Bahman Gorjian, Abdolreza Pazhakh


Abstract-This study explores vague language and gender in Persian and English contexts via social movies. Checklists of vague language types and categories of Channell (1994) and Peires (1997) were used to inspect movie players' vague linguistic behavior. It has been found that difference between English males and females was not significant, while males were a bit vaguer than females. Moreover, the difference between Persian males and females was significant and males were vaguer than females. English males and females were vaguer than those of Persian were. Generally, males were vaguer than females with significant difference. English males and females' relationship support gender equality and regarding Persian males and females, females appealed more to Grice (1975) cooperative principle.


Vague language, ambiguity, sex, gender, conversational maxims, gender equality

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