The effects of songs on EFL learners' vocabulary recall and retention: The case of gender

Mohammad Alipour, Bahman Gorjian, Iman Zafari


The present study attempted to investigate the effects of songs on vocabulary learning of upper-level language learners based on their gender. To achieve these purposes, a language proficiency test was administered to 105 male and female students attending English in Ahvaz, Iran in form of multiple-choice items on vocabulary and structure and ultimately 60 upper-level language learners were selected and randomly divided into two homogenous groups as musical and non-musical mode groups. The participants were examined based on a multiple-choice post test which probed into the learners' vocabulary learning through songs of three different music genres, i.e. pop, country, and rap. The results of a series of t-tests showed that the musical- mode group performed better on both vocabulary recall and retention. The results also indicated better performance of the male learners than the females. The findings suggested that songs are not merely an entertaining tool and they can be utilized as a pedagogic material particularly when it comes to teaching vocabulary.


Song; gender; vocabulary learning; recall; retention

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