Analysis of Four-Word Lexical Bundles in Physics Research Articles

Mohammad Taghi Farvardin, Akbar Afghari, Mansoor Koosha


Lexical bundles have been spotlighted by the researchers in the last two decades. The aim of this study was to examine the use of lexical bundles in physics research articles in terms of the frequency of occurrence and distribution of different structural types. The Physics research articles corpus (PRAC) developed in this study consisted of 800 research articles including 3000000 words. The lexical bundles in PRAC were identified using WordSmith Tools 5.0 (Scott, 2009). The four-word lexical bundles that appeared 60 times in this three-million-word corpus and occurred in at least 5 different texts were identified and further analyzed structurally based on the previous taxonomies developed by Biber et al. (1999). Totally, 188 different bundles were identified as frequent in PRAC which accounted for 3.56% of all the words in the corpus. The results showed that most of the bundles were structurally phrasal rather than clausal. The conclusions drawn from this study are expected to provide insights for further corpus-based studies.


lexical bundles; corpus linguistics

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