The Effect of Podcast transcription Activities on Intermediate and Advanced EFL Learners’ Writing Accuracy

Parisa Shahramiri, Bahman Gorjian



This study investigated the effect of podcast transcription on learners' writing accuracy of intermediate and advanced groups among Iranian EFL learners. The research was carried out in two classes, and fifty students were employed as the subjects of the study. The classes were randomly assigned to two groups who were taught via podcast transcription materials (i.e., Merlot Website). All the subjects were required to answer the writing accuracy questions for the pre-test before the treatment and took a post-test after attending writing courses. During the course of study the participants worked on writing accuracy lessons mainly grammar provided by podcast transcription materials extracted from the transcriptions of oral podcast files (i.e., extracted from focusing in grammatical pattern in the transcribed texts. At the end of the treatment which took 10 sessions of instruction, they sat for a post-test writing accuracy achievement test. Data were collected and analyzed through descriptive and inferential statistics. Paired Samples t-test was run to compare the effect of podcast transcriptions among groups. It came to be known that advanced learners outperformed the other group in gaining higher scores in writing achievement post-test (p<.05).


podcast transcription; Web-based podcast; writing accuracy

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