An Effort Estimation Model for Agile Software Development

Ziauddin Khan Zia, Ziauddin Khan Zia, Shahid Kamal Tipu, Shahrukh Khan Zia


Software effort estimation process in any software project is not only essential, but also a very critical component. The success or failure of projects depends heavily on the accuracy of effort and schedule estimations, among other things. The emergence of agile methods in the software development field has presented many opportunities and challenges for researchers and practitioners alike. One of the major challenges is effort estimation for agile software development. Though traditional effort estimation approaches are used to estimate effort for agile software projects but they mostly result in inaccurate estimates. This research focuses on development of effort estimation model for agile software projects. Construction and use of the model is explained in detail. The model was calibrated using the empirical data collected from 21 software projects. The experimental results show that model has good estimation accuracy in terms of MMRE and PRED (n).


Software Effort Estimation, Agile Software Development, User Stories, Adaptive Systems

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