Optimization of Security Mechanism to Enhance Data Access Speed in Wireless Mesh Networks

M. Sudha, M. Monica


Wireless mesh networks (WMN) are rapidly emerging as a promising complement to existing broad band access infrastructures; despite recent advances in wireless mesh networking, many research challenges still remain up in the air. WMNs are multi-hop networks consisting of two types of nodes, Mesh Routers and Mesh Clients. Mesh Routers are more static and less resource constrained than mobile Mesh Clients, both mesh router and mesh clients participate in the routing and forwarding of packets and forms the wireless backhaul of the network, hence Secure Routing in Hybrid Wireless Mesh networks is a challenging task. It is inevitable for any security framework to adapt an efficient low power high throughput encryption/decryption technique for resource constrained wireless mess nodes. In our proposed work novel sub pipelined architecture is adopted to optimize the existing Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) algorithm. The design can operate in non feedback mode and process blocks of data simultaneously. The proposed architecture is simulated in VHDL and implemented using Xilinx and our work addresses the overview of WMNs, the existing architecture followed by our proposed architecture for secure network access.



WMN’s (Wireless Mesh Networks); Mesh nodes; Advanced Encryption Standard (AES)

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