Smart sensor system to trigger irrigation

Saradhi Nimmagadda, T. Anuradha


The  expansion of technology and new innovations extend its influence even in the farming .Usage of sensors and efficient networking in agriculture fields eases work of farmers .Specializing it to the irrigation we are thereby proposing a smart sensor system which can trigger irrigation by sensing the moisture levels in the field . The whole system primarily consists of two parts 1. the set of sensor nodes and base station. The sensor node gathers soil moisture information using provided core and sensor circuit. Base station gets the information from different sensor nodes also which forms an Adhoc network supported by ZIGBEE protocol. Base station which consists of ARM7 Processor, GSM modem and a 3-phase sensing and motor on/off circuit the GSM modem communicates both sides  user mobile to base station and base station to user mobile using SMS(Short Message Service) the  soil moisture information to user mobile further which the irrigation can be controlled by user using AT command Keywords – soil moisture sensor, precision agriculture,arm7.


soil moisture sensor; precision agriculture; arm7

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