Bidirectional Ant Colony Algorithm Design and Parameters Optimization on Cross-country Path Planning

Tianyi Wu, Jiheng Xu, Dan Zhu


According to the vehicle cross-country path planning problem on three-dimensional terrain, this article analyzes the synthesis influence of the terrain slope and surface properties for path planning and designs a bidirectional ant colony algorithm. First of all, with establishment of the corresponding relation between landform roughness and vehicles, we analyze the traveling influence of different terrain slope and surface properties. Secondly, we construct the table Tabu and stack constraints of slope and roughness in order to reduce the search scope of the grid terrain. Then the mechanism of encounter is imported for the sake of increasing the possibility of searching successful paths. At the same time, we describe the improved algorithm in detail steps. In addition, we optimize the value of some parameters. At last, we analyze and compare the fitness value and simulation effect between improved and traditional algorithm. The experimental results show that improved algorithm could achieve a cross-country path planning in a quick and efficient way.


Bidirectional ant colony algorithm; Cross-country path planning; Slope; Roughness; Parameters optimization

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