Towards Proximity-aware Application Deployment in Geo-distributed Clouds

Hangwei Qian, Qixin Wang


In this paper, we propose a proximity-aware cloud service selection system to help application providers to deploy their applications in the cloud. Cloud platforms deploy multiple data centers geographically distributed around the world. We argue that proximity plays a very important role to improve the application performance when deploying applications in such geo-distributed cloud platforms. We design and evaluate the system for automatic selection of cloud infrastructures, in which we not only considers the deployment cost, but also takes into account the location of cloud infrastructures, application clients and related applications, and the interaction among application components when selecting the cloud infrastructures. Since the solution space is very prohibitively large, we propose a stepwise application placement algorithm to address the scalability problems. In our simulated experiments, it shows the great performance and high efficiencies of our approach.


Cloud Computing, Cloud Selection, Proximity-aware

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