Improving the message capacity by using CDMA Watermarking Scheme



In  this  paper  ,We  introduced  a  novel method  DS-CDMA  based  watermarking  scheme on  the  basis  of  orthogonal  pseudorandom sequence subspace projection, In this paper a new idea to eliminate the correlation between the code sequences  and  the  host  images  in  the  watermark extraction  phase,  and  in  watermarking  scheme improve  the  hiding  capacity  of  message  sequence. In our proposed scheme implements the steps and performance checking under different attacks by a series of experiments. The results observe the Host image under different attacks and show the higher robustness and achieve the high capacity to hide the data.  In  our  proposed  scheme implements  the    steps  and  performance  testing under  different  attack  conditions  by  a  series  of experiments.  The  experimental  results  observe the  Host  image  under  different  attacks  and  show the  higher  robustness  and  increase  the  message capacity and achieve the high capacity to hide the data.


CDMA watermarking, High capacity, Subspace projection, Wavelet transforms.

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