A Numerical Algorithm for Newton-Cotes Open and Closed Integration Formulae Associated with Eleven Equally Spaced Points

S. Ismail Azad, Intazar Husain, Kaleem A. Quraishi, Mohd Sadiq


We know that the algorithm plays a very important role in the solution of any problem and without algorithm it is very difficult to write the program. So in this paper we have designed a new algorithm for the solution of definite integral which can't  be solved by means of Newton-Cotes closed integration formulae(Trapezoidal rule, Simpson's 1/3 rule, Simpson's 3/8 rule, Boole's rule and Weddle's rule). In this paper we have consider two integrals and solved it with the help of proposed algorithm and existing five Newton-Cotes open integration formulae, a result we have shown that the proposed algorithm is much better than the existing five Newton-Cotes open integration formulae.


Algorithm, Integrals, Newton-Gregory forward difference formula

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