The application of MDA in distributed services of Run-time Infrastructur

Wang Zhiteng, Zhang Hongjun, Zhang rui, Xing Ying, Ye Dejun


This paper proposes the application of Model Driven Architecture (MDA) for distributed services Run-time Infrastructure to achieve reusing simulation services and communicating in heterogeneous network environments. Platform-Independent Model (PIM) is built based on simulation services definition in service-oriented distributed Run-time Infrastructure by interface definition language Slice to describe simulation service and special data structure. The simulation service model is mapped to Platform-Specific Model (PSM) by slice mapping tool. The paper achieves the heterogeneous communication between federation, simulation services and Simulation Service Management Bus (SSMB) by same communication protocol. In practice, this solution is effective for simulation services reuse and communication in heterogeneous network environments.  


MDA; service-oriented; service-oriented distributed Run-time Infrastructure; Simulation service

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