Reflections from Property Tax: from the Pilot in Chongqing and Shanghai

xuan shan, jun ying sun


Property tax levy in Shanghai and Chongqing is a tentative reforms of the state's macro regulation and control China's real estate market. While in the past more than six months, landing Shanghai and Chongqing's property taxes does not show the "mass execution ", the housing prices is still "steady rise", but to some extent, reflecting the more symbolic meaning. Property tax levy is one of a number of real estate market regulation measures "combined-policy" of the government,and only the "combined-policy" full play, can play a greater effect. This paper describes the goal of property tax, and from the economic point of view analyse the reasons of property tax can reduce the housing price , and finally give suggestions on how to improve the property tax.


property tax; macro regulation and control; reduce housing price

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