Hypertension: Psychological Fallout of Type A, Stress, Anxiety and Anger

Anita Sharma


The study was aimed at determining whether there are differences in type A, anger, stress and anxiety or between hypertensives and normotensives. From a large community sample of adults from Shimla, 100 individuals having hypertension and having clinic Blood Pressure (BP)> or 140/90 mm hg were selected and compared with a sex and age matched group of 100 individuals with normotensives (clinic or 120/80 mm hg)on measures of type A, anxiety, anger and psychological stress derived from standardized Questionnaire. Results of 2X2 ANOVAs revealed significant differences between hypertensives and normotensives and were in line with all the hypotheses on all the variables. With regard to gender, the null hypotheses stand rejected as males were found to be significantly higher on type A and anger and females were found to be significantly higher on stress and anxiety.


Hypertension; Type A behavior; psychosocial stress; anxiety; anger and Gender

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