The exploration of education fairness of the phenomenon of panic buying of school district apartments in China

Xiaoli Lu, Zhongrui Zhang


Education fairness is the premise and scope of achieving social fairness. It’s the inviolable rights of individual and the cornerstone of a harmonious society. The education fairness issue has been paid close attention by the community and a research hotspot in the field of education and economics by some experts. This article starts from analyzing the phenomenon of panic buying of school district apartments to reflect the problems of education fairness, such as irrational allocation of education resources, imbalanced development of compulsory education. And the measures to solve problems above as followings: to improve policy formulation and balance allocation of education resources to achieve the goal of education fairness; change conservative educational culture concept, establish the awareness of long-term training and thought of comprehensive talent; strengthen legal system of education, pay attention to standardize education market, punish bad business behavior; create new forms of education and expand educational diversity in school to improve the overall standard of education.


School district apartments; Education fairness; Education resources

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