Quality Circle Implementation for New Machine Development in Plastic Industry

Tarun Kumar Sharma


In today’s cut throat competitive scenario the fundamental management task is to give right direction and take right decisions for better quality in organization for the sustaining and existence. This can be accomplished through the better quality control system, yet many organizations never invest their time to understand how their management system really works. To stay in today’s globalize competitive market the implementation of quality circle concepts is very much useful. Quality circle is a philosophy, which deals with the real problems in the company by the contribution of a group of people. Quality circle is the group of people from any department, to solve the problem of any kind to improve the quality of something. In the quality circle the members meet at a decided interval to discuss the solutions of the problem. This paper addresses the application of quality circle concepts to implement the new attachment in the webalinzer machine to print on fabric while rolling it. By this paper we can see that how we can implement quality circle concept for solving the problem of any type with the best suitable option. With the use of their own resources and by the discussion, how the problem can be solved.  In short, if we work together and we are open for the ideas then any problem can be solved by the co-ordination.


Quality circle;webalinzer machine;Cost analysis

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