What Is Sociometry and How We Can Apply It in Our Life?

Monir Rostampoor-Vajari


Sociometric technique was developed by Moreno. He was the aim of this technique to remedy the situation. This technique is basically the same question and search technique in which respondents are questions and answers to be received. This technique has features that distinguish it from other techniques. In this technique, extracting the research is done and the results will be realized soon. In this paper we will show that, today, the main objective of this technique is to measure the position of a different size. In this technique, in one hand, poor correlations and conflicts within a group compared with other groups, and on the other hand orientation relative to each other and therefore the bases and popular people in a group. This method was used in the New York State Division of girls in school and to reduce conflict and enhance cohesion among groups of girls. The method of sociometric relations among members of a group may be depicted graphically in a sociogram be provided. Such as who will interact and what those leaders are effective.


Sociometric; explorations; technique; quantitative; Sociogram

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