The Study on Public Participation in China's Government Crisis Management

Deng Yanhong


Crisis management is an important part of the government's public administration. In recent years, with the increase of crises, China's government crisis management capability has improved greatly, but the awareness of mobilizing public participation in the crisis management is still weak, while the disorder of public participation is still more obvious. The author thinks that there are three main reasons. Firstly, the awareness of public participation is weak. Secondly, because of the lack of mature social organizations, public have no way to participate effectively. Thirdly, there is no perfect legal system to protect the status and rights of public participation. Improving public participation in government crisis management requires a multifaceted approach: The first is to make sure the information publication of the crisis event; The second is to improve the ability of public participation in crisis management; The third is to develop civil social organizations; Furthermore, to establish mechanisms for cooperation of government and social organizations; The final is to improve the legal system in public participation.


Government; Crisis management; Public participation

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