A Close Look into Corporate Social Responsibility in India



Abstract: The theme of Corporate Social Responsibility has developed during last few decades from simple philanthropic activities to integrating the interest of the business with that of the communities in which it operates.In this paper, an attempt has been made to make an objective evaluation of the Corporate Social Resposibility and related ethical business practices that are being adopted by large corporate houses in India. Corporate Social Responsibility is being considered as crucial for carrying on business in the society rather than as a charity. While Corporate Social Responsibility  is relevant for business in all societies, it is particularly important for developing countries like India, where resources are scarce  for  fulfilling the ever increasing aspirations and diversity of a pluralistic society which  make the process of sustainable development more challenging as well as difficult. While the Government undertakes extensive developmental initiatives through a series of sectoral programmes, the business sector in India also needs to take the responsibility of exhibiting socially responsible business practices that ensures the distribution of wealth and well-being of the communities in  which the business operates.


Keywords: Corporate Social Responsibility, ethics, India, stakeholder, sustainable development.

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