Technology and Language Learning: Language Learners’ Attitude

Taher Bahrani


Today, thanks to fast developments in audiovisual technologies, people can have easy access to various audiovisual programs even in remote areas where having access to teachers may be difficult. In the same line, the present research was set to investigate learners’ attitudes toward the use of various audiovisual technologies which can provide authentic language input for language learning in both EFL and ESL contexts. As the matter of fact, the study focuses on different technologies as sources of language input in EFL contexts which lack social interaction as an established source of language input in ESL context. In this regard, a study was conducted with the help of twenty language learners in Iran. In fact, the research was based on a questionnaire which was given to twenty language learners to find out about the attitudes toward the use of different technologies. The results of the questionnaire showed that more than 82% of the participants had positive attitudes toward the use of various technologies. They believed that they have easy access to authentic language input which makes them familiar with the actual use of the language in the real world.

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