Dealing with Teachers’ Technophobia in Classroom

AliAsghar Yousefi Azarfam, Yalda Jabbari


This paper addresses the phenomenon of technophobia which is a discouraging factor that obstructs the successful application of technology among the teachers. In doing so, it tries to look into the factors causing this sort of anxiety by considering some teachers’ experiences. It, then, analyzing these factors wants to provide some preferred solutions. Mostly, it seems that society’s expectations from educational systems and instructors to use computer in class with minimal anxiety has caused such critical situations for some instructors. It is observed that the use of technology is determined by a wide range of factors, ranging from external factors such as access to appropriate materials and professional development opportunities to more internal factors such as awareness of the benefits of technology and personal attitudes towards technological innovations, and the persistence of traditional education in some educational settings due to the absence of professional training leads the researcher to the conclusion that it is necessary to train teachers about new technologies, so that the  contents to be produced can be used letting instructors relieve from computer anxiety.

Keywords: technophobia, teachers, professional development, anxiety


technophobia; teachers; professional development; anxiety

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