The Analysis About Status of Holding Social Stability of Chinese Government

Zhongrui Zhang


Holding social stability is a very important responsibility of Chinese government officials. In recent years, with the growing of group incidents, the rising cost of holding social stability become one major burden of the regional government financial, governments at all levels crippled. The political slogans "Stability is everything" and treating social stability as a important examination in official promotion make the holding social stability as the first important mission. But the reality is the more pay for the working, the worse of the social stability, it is a huge challenge to the current system of holding social stability . How to deal with the social stability and citizens' legally appealing and how to reform the government to promote social development  fast and steady become an important topic of academic area. The design of this research is introducing the mean idea of holding social stability to us and exploring the inner reason of the problems in holding social stability.


Holding Social Stability; Chinese Government; Legally Appealing

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