Hassan Fartousi


This current manuscript, a Fresh Look at Summary Writing, is deemed novel in the domain of academic writing. It in particular has been written for international school, college and university students who either challenge with writing or wish to (re)learn writing through short and easy ways. This work in general targets the English language seekers as well. The current work differs at least from some other writing books as enclosed in the bibliography. It holds a diverse perspective (if not better). It is featured with briefness, clarity, and simplicity. It in simple English trains students on how to develop academic paragraphs. It is an instructional endeavor to concentrate on the academic aspect of writing which as such deals with the way an acceptable paragraph comes to life. In effect, students might gain the benefits of being able to (i) communicate with their supervisors; faculty or university authorities persuasively, (ii) complete some sections of their journal papers, course assignments, academic projects, proposals, and research studies reasonably, and (iii) prepare for the next stage smoothly which is the essay writing.




communication note, paragraph, writing, students, academic

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