Comparative Study of Conjunctive Adverbials (CAs) in Native Researchers' (NRs) and Non-Native Researchers' (NNRs) Experimental Articles

Bahman Gorjian, Abdolreza Pazhakh, Mohammad Naghizadeh


Abstract-The present study explored the use of CAs between Iranian non-native and native researchers of English in two types of research articles native and non-native corpora compiled by the author. Therefore, a quantitative text analysis study using frequency-counting method seems to be necessary to shed light on how they are used by Iranian articles. For this aim, 180 research articles from different prestigious journals written by English authors as native (N) and non-native ones as (NN) writers in the fields of Psychology, Chemistry, and Applied Linguistics were chosen for analysis. The totals CAs in the native and non-native research samples were manually extracted and then their frequencies were calculated. The CA frequencies were analyzed through Chi-square (X2) to determine any difference among the CAs native and non-native users. The analysis was based on word-based on sentence-based usages. On the quantitative dimension, it was found that NN researchers underuse CAs in their articles when the study was based on word-based analysis. However, on the sentence analysis no significant results were found. The paper ends with some teaching suggestions on how to teach CAs in the primary levels to help students learn the complex use of CAs in their writing.


Conjunctive Adverbials, Native Researchers, Non-Native Researchers, Experimental Articles

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