The Effect of Multisensory Techniques on Reading Comprehension among Pre-Intermediate EFL Learners: The Case of Gender

Bahman Gorjian, Mohammad Alipour, Rezvan Saffarian


This paper investigated the effect of multisensory techniques on reading comprehension (RC) through multisensory modalities including visual, tactile, music, and kinetics.Thus 90 pre-intermediate students of an institution in Behbahan were examined through a RC proficiency test and then 60 participants were selected through their homogeneous scores they received on the RC proficiency test. They were randomly divided in two experimental and control groups. During three months of instruction, experimental group was taught RC through multisensory techniques while the control group received some placeboes on RC. Data were collected through pre and post- tests which lasted 12 sessions. Experimental group was taught English through visual and tactile modalities while the control group received some placeboes. Independent Samples t-test was used and findings revealed that there was a significant differences between the two group since the experimental group outperformed the control in RC on the post-test phase (p<.05).These results suggest that EFL teachers should be encouraged to use multisensory modalities to escalate EFL learners' reading comprehension abilities.


Multisensory techniques, Reading comprehension, Visual, Tactile, Music, Kinetics

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