Rhetorical Pattern of Journal Abstracts: A Rhetorical Analysis of Sampled Abstracts Published in the Advances in Asian Social Science (AASS) Journal

Hassan Fartousi, Francisco Perlas Dumanig


The present study served as a research into identifying the rhetorical pattern of sampled scholarly abstracts published in the Advances in Asian Social Science (AASS) journal in March 2012.  The theoretical framework of this analysis is based on the Generic Structure Potential model adopted from the Systemic Functional (SF) theory of language and genre (Halliday & Hasan, 1989). The data of the study were culled from the website of the above journal: http://www.worldsciencepublisher.org. Four scientific journal abstracts which were sampled conveniently in the discipline of English language and linguistics contained the small corpus of the data. The Results revealed five rhetorical elements/components which include three obligatory elements of Articulating an Objective (AO), Articulating a Method (AM), and Articulating a Result (AR) and two optional rhetorical elements such as Providing Background Information (BI) and Addressing a Framework (AF). To conclude, the following rhetorical pattern was discovered and thus schematized as:(BI)^AO^AM^(AF)^AR


Advances of Asian Social Science journal (AASS); rhetorical pattern; Generic Structural potential (GSP); Abstract; scholars; analysis

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