The Effect of Story or Paragraph Frame on Iranian Students’ English Reading Comprehension

Bahman Gorjian, Abdolreza Pazhakh, Maasoumeh mohammadi


The purpose of this study was to measure up the effect of story or paragraph frames on Iranian students’ English reading comprehension. Forty six female Iranian students were non-randomly assigned into two groups of exprimental and control group, entitled as the story or paragraph frame-receivers and non-story or paragraph frame-receivers, respectively. The story or paragraph frame-receivers were treated based on story or paragraph frame-instruction, while the control group received conventional training of reading comprehension. Finally, participants sat for the post-test at the end of the course to reveal the result of treatment on reading coprehension. T-tests analyses were used and findings revealed that there was a sinificant differences between the post-test performances of the story or paragraph frames-receivers and non-story or paragraph frame-receivers. The results showed that the story or paragraph frame-receivers outperformed the non-story or paragraph frames-receivers.


Story, Paragraph frames, Reading comprehension

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