The Impact of Visual and Verbal Techniques on Vocabulary Achievement of Iranian High School Students

vahid bagheri


The presents study investigated the effect of verbal, visual and a combination of verbal-visual techniques on vocabulary achievement of Iranian high school students in Abdanan (Iran). The participants were 60 male native speakers of Persian and Kurdish in intermediate level of L2 proficiency ranging in age from 15 to 16. In order to have homogeneous groups, the students last year scores were look at between the three groups of 12-15, there part. In order to state the reliability of this test, the split –half method was utilized .The second one was question elicited demographic information such as names, age and job of father. They were selected from among seven classes and divided into three groups of 20, namely group 1, 2 and 3. The lexical items were taught to experimental groups by verbal (synonymy and exemplification), visual (pictures, flashcards, blackboard drawings and photographs) and verbal-visual techniques respectively. Put another way, groups 1 was treated by verbal techniques (synonyms and exemplification). For this group no aids were used, but rather they used exemplification and synonyms, group2 was treated by using visual aids (pictures, photographs, and flash cards). For group 3, verbal and visual techniques were used complementary to convey meaning of the lexis. During the ten sessions of the treatment, 70 vocabularies were instructed to the three groups, Results of one way ANOVA showed that when verbal or visual techniques were used alone, verbal techniques manifested more vocabulary acquisition than visual modality and among three techniques employed in this study, complementary use of verbal-visual techniques was the most effective i.e., the trend used in group 3. It may be concluded that in directing the learners toward the ability of vocabulary skill, teachers should not solely rely on verbal cues and can benefit to a large extent from non-verbal aids. Results obtained from this study may have pedagogical implications in the areas of syllabus design and teaching methodology.




Vocabulary achievement, Verbal techniques, Visual techniques, EFL

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