The Effects of Revision on L2 writing skill Competency: An Experimental Study on Peer and Teacher-engaged Revisions

Hassan Fartousi


This study investigated the impact of peer revision and teacher-integrated revision on writing skill proficiency of international school students in Malaysia. Four research questions were addressed in the current study: 1) Does teacher-student revision on a reading passage about which a piece of writing is composed, produce a positive effect on writing skill competency of Malaysian ESL international school students? 2) Do Malaysian ESL writing students who receive teacher-involved revision outperform those who gain peer group revision? 3) To what extent, does teacher-student revision generate a positive effect in writing skill competency of Malaysia ESL international school students? 4) Do Malaysian ESL international school students who involve in peer group revision outperform those with NO revision in their writing skill competency? Forty-eight international school students participated in this study. They were divided into three groups: 1) the teacher-student revision group (treatment group1); 2) the peer revision group (treatment group2); and 3) the NO-revision group (control group). Results of the study suggest a very positive role of revision which is combined with teacher direct and indirect feedback as well as instructions. Further, they clearly show that carrying out peer group revision before any tests has no even tiny effects on the writing skill competency.


teacher-student revision, peer group, feedback, writing skill competency, treatment group, control group

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