Do Better Critical Thinkers Use Metacognitive Learning Strategies More Frequently?

Mansoor Fahim, Parastu Dorrimanesh


Critical thinking and metacognition are both associated with higher order thinking. In this study we intended to explore the association between students’ level of Critical Thinking and their use of Metacognitive Learning Strategies as an indicator of students’ level of autonomy and achieving lifelong learning. It was our aim to see whether better critical thinkers use metacognitive learning strategies more frequently. In other words, it was of interest to find out whether critical thinking contributes to achieving independence in learning. To do so, two questionnaires were administered to university students of English as a foreign language. One questionnaire was intended to assess their level of critical thinking and the other, their use of metacognitive learning strategies. The results revealed the existence of a positive relationship between the two variables at α < 0.01; suggesting that critical thinking is associated with independence in learning; hence it should be enhanced.


Metacognitive learning strategies; Critical thinking; Autonomy, Lifelong learning

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