Relationship between organizational health and organizational citizenship behaviorAmong hospitals staff of Medical Sciences University in Kermanshah, 2013

arash ziapour


Abstract-The concept of organizational health is a unique concept that allows us to have the great picture of organization health. Staffs are dedicated, helpful and conscientious and have high performance and morale in healthy organizations. There is required to employees who have volunteer behavior for organization due to the hospitals changing conditions and need to their efficacy. So, the main purpose of this paper isstudy therelationship between organizational health and organizational citizenship behavior among hospitals staff of Medical Sciences University in Kermanshah.

Materials and Methods: This is a descriptive – analytical study that was conductedsectional. The population is consisted of Kermanshah Medical Sciences University hospital staffs in 2012, samples are 280 N, who were selected using stratified sampling. Instruments for data collection wereconsisted of Organizational Health Questionnaire of HoyandFeldmanand organizational citizenship behavior Questionnaire. SPSS software was used to analysis the descriptive statistics (percentage, Out, the standard deviation and variance) and inferential statistics (Pierson correlation coefficient and regression).

Results:there is a significant relationship between organizational health and the five dimensions of organizational citizenship behavior (conscientiousness, Respect, Altruism, Sportsmanship and civic virtue) (p = 0/0001).

Conclusion:organizations can make improvements in employee behavior by coordination among members as well as continuous improvement considering the significanceof relationship between organizational citizenship behavior and organization health.


organizational health, organizational citizenship behavior, Hospital, Kermanshah

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