Growing Ages and Posterior Care Problems Based on Different Cultures

Monir Rostampoor-Vajari, Samad Abedini


Aging and growing problems in our life are no secret problem of today’s world.
Industry growth, mechanism of life and the people who mind their own family environment with aging problems facing other hand, is a contradiction and heterogeneity of social behavior.
In this paper we look positive and negative attitudes toward older people and care for our seniors.
In addition, they seek to influence the attitudes and lives of elderly people in society are. Also we are the barriers to better understand the situation of elderly people in the community to discuss.
In this paper, we try to find a positive impact on attitudes; satisfaction, quality of life and health of older people have a negative attitude.  We also investigate on different cultures and different areas of the world such as China, India, Africa and other parts of world views on these problems. In fact we bring a brief study on different cultural attitudes toward aging in industrialized and non-industrialized societies,  aging in Chinese culture, ageing societies in Africa,  aging in the middle ages and medieval literature, aging in less developed countries,  ageing in South Korean culture, aging in culture Eskimos.


Elderly discourse, cultural discourse, Positive attitudes, Negative attitudes

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