Investigating Vocabulary Learning in Second Language Classroom context: Recent Findings, Future Outlook

Hassan Mohebbi


Second language (L2) vocabulary learning has triggered a growing body of second language acquisition (SLA) research in the last two decades. Learning new lexical items is one of the demanding tasks that L2 learners encounter in language classrooms. There are outstanding reasons for attaching this much importance to L2 vocabulary learning in SLA. It is rightly argued that L2 vocabulary learning is one of the fundamental steps in L2 learning. In this study we sought to investigate vocabulary learning in L2 language classroom setting and the effectiveness of various teaching and learning methods of it. More specifically, the incidental vocabulary learning, lexical inferencing, and glosses, are discussed in detail and the recent SLA research findings regarding these issues are explained. The findings might have significant implications for language teachers and in particular for L2 researchers and practitioners for further L2 vocabulary research.


L2 vocabulary learning; incidental vocabulary learning; intentional vocabulary learning; glosses; lexical inferencing

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