Exploration of the Gap between Business Management Curriculum and Employability Requirements: A Study of Curriculum Designers and Recruiters’ Perceptions

Chan Hum


Abstract – This paper aims to explore the perceptions of curriculum designers and recruiters toward why the gap exists between business management curriculum at university and employability requirements of banking industry in Cambodia. Qualitative approach with specific design of exploratory case study was employed to investigate the problem. Data was extracted from documents, observations and structure interviews with 6 respondents (2 curriculum designers, 4 recruiters). Data was classified into categories (1) perception of curriculum designers and (2) perception of recruiters, and directly analyzed followed a model of Creswell (2007). This study identified the gap exists due to four main factors (1) loose enforcement of educational policy and law on nurturing relationship between university and industry in developing curriculum, (2) misperception among university and industry toward skills development, (3) scarcity of resources in implementing business management curriculum, and (4) information gap between university and industry to develop and update business management curriculum. With such obvious evidences, several implications and suggestions have been made to the government, line ministries, universities, industries and students for further study of business management curriculum and its challenges so that they can design compatible curriculum to develop knowledge and skills for the national, regional and global skill standards. 

Key Words: Gap, Business Management Curriculum, Employability Requirement, Industry 

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