The effects of pedagogical and authentic films on EFL learners’ vocabulary learning: The role of subtitles

Mohammad Alipour, Bahman Gorjian, Lida Gholampour Koravand


Abstract-The present study attempted to investigate the effects of pedagogical and authentic films on English as foreign language learners’ vocabulary learning and to find out the role of English and Farsi subtitles and no subtitles on vocabulary learning. To achieve these purposes out of 90 participants, 40 language learners were selected and divided into two homogenous groups as the pedagogical and authentic groups based on a proficiency test. The participants were given 12 sessions of instruction on how to gain vocabulary elicited from the films. Then they sat for post-test at the end of treatment period. The participants were examined based on the vocabulary achievement multiple-choice tests. The results of the post-test based on the findings of t-test showed that authentic group generally performed better than pedagogical group in vocabulary learning. Based on the findings of One-way ANOVA and Post-hoc Tuckey test, the results also indicated the better performance of those learners who watched the films with English subtitles.


Pedagogical; authentic; films; vocabulary learning; subtitles

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