The Research of Population Cultural Quality and Economic Growth on VAR Model--A Case Study of Shanghai and Gansu

Shujuan Chen, Yongchong Wang


Population cultural quality has become more and more important source of national cohesion and creativity, and has increasingly become the important factor of the competition of comprehensive national power. Therefore the enhancement of the soft strength of culture and population cultural quality plays an important role for economic development. In this paper, through the establishment of VAR model we make an empirical research for the cultural quality of population and economic growth of developed and undeveloped areas, we come to conclusion that cultural quality of population and economic growth is positive correlation, The rate of illiteracy is negative correlation with the economic growth. While in the short time, the population illiteracy rate of the developed areas influence economic growth degree is increased, in the long term is gradually reduced. Underdeveloped area population illiterate on economic growth effect is gradually increased. According to the empirical conclusions we give the appropriate policy recommendations.


cultural quality of population; economic growth; developed and undeveloped areas; VAR model

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