The research on the import and export trade based on the low carbon economy

Ling Zhang, Xiaohua Yu, Chongjun Fan


Low carbon economy has become a fashion in the world, China will inevitably join the club. But China’s economy relies most on the trade, what influences will the task of carbon emission reduction and the implementation of the low carbon economy imposed on China’s trade, in returns, what kind of influences will the import and export have on the carbon emissions? This paper will use some math ways to calculate the relation between carbon emissions and trade, try to find out the influences they put on each other. The results of this paper show that the carbon emissions reduction do have a negative impact on the export, and in return, the export and import will also infect the low carbon economy in long term, which is export will push up the low carbon economy to develop in a long view, and import will not be beneficial to the low carbon economy development.


carbon emissions; trade; low carbon economy

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