The National Grain Economic Security Mechanism Research

zhiqiang feng


Who controls the grain, who control the human. Different dynasties of China follows the kingdom to people for this, the grain is what matters to the people, grain to Ann first "value. Three contradictions in the grain of the most outstanding performance: One is, the production is not stable and relatively stable demand contradiction; The second is, seasonal production and perennial demand contradiction; The third is, small-scale production and big market contradictions. Three contradictions of the objective existence, determines the characteristics of the weak grain. Especially in the background of the market, the grain weak characteristic be amplified, and formed a "web effect". Because grain supply price elasticity is greater than the demand price elasticity, and farmers' price information exists hysteresis quality, this is a kind of time information asymmetry, so, grain production and price is always fluctuating and fluctuation range is more and more big, like a radiation type of the web. Grain cyclical fluctuation feature is apparent, grain production is not only natural reproduction and economic reproduction process. As public products, grain irreplaceable, grain security is the irreplaceable property requirements.Grain safety is the basis of national economic security, the western countries provide us some revelation, China's grain macro-control mechanism goal seven levels, seven big target, this paper mainly studies the grain economic security system, mechanism and system.


Grain economy macroeconomic regulation and control mechanism, Economic security, Economic security

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