Frequently-Asked Questions

Why to submit to WSP?

WSP has established itself as a professional and notable venue for publishing high quality research papers recognized by various universities and international professional bodies. It guarantees a maximum exposure of all its published articles in various indexing sites/databases. Furthermore, more than 5000 academics and researchers have subscribed to our mailing list and receives frequent updates of published articles directly in their inbox, thus, increase the chance for your paper to be cited.

Are WSP published articles available for free?

Yes, all the papers published by WSP are available for download for free. We are here to support the Open Access Publication policy.

What is the publication fee for WSP?

Most of our journals did not charge any publication fee or article processing fee. Authors can publish their papers on journals of WSP free of charge. Only a few journals charge a nominal fee of about 75 USD.

How do I pay my publication fee?

After your paper is accepted, you can pay the publication fee at any time. Prepare a MasterCard or VisaCard that supports US Dollars. Log into your account, and click “Pay to Publish”, you will be transferred to the paypal website.

What is the standard or quality of papers published in WSP?

Like most journals, WSP try to ensure publishing high quality papers, however, the level of WSP is modestly below that of IEEE & ACM Journals. Papers that have a significant contribution, worth for sharing an idea, a concept, a technique or a result, are considered for publication as determined by our reviewers. Typically, acceptance rate varies from 55% to 77%.


Find below acceptance rates for the year 2012:

Journal Acceptance Rate
ACSA 25%
ADMM 17%
AITS 11%
ACMA 23%
AASS 27%
AMEA 24%
AAEF 27%
AEES 28%
ALSA 22%
APAC 15%
AITM 13%
JES 12%
JOS 12%
JOE 13%
JCLC 22%

What is the frequency of publications?

WSP Publishes a regular issue every three months apart from special issues. Thus, 4 regular issues are published every year. Articles are normally published online as soon as accepted.

How is continued Open Access availability of my articles guaranteed?

WSP deposits all of the Open Access articles that it publishes in a number of independent, permanent Open Access archives. WSP is committed to maintain its policy of unconditional open access for research articles.

May I request an extension for submitting my paper?

Yes, you may request an extension; typically an extension for paper submission varies from 4-8 days.

How do I submit my paper?

First, we highly recommend authors to format your paper by the template of the journal you submit to. Then use the submission system to submit. Email submission is acceptable.

Can I submit to another journal online?

Yes, Log into your account, and then click “Other Journals” in the “Browse” panel in the right sidebar. Choose the journal and submit your paper. If you don’t find the journal, please email to Patrick Webb editorinchief@worldsciencepublisher.org

When will I receive an acknowledgment email for my submission?

Paper submissions are normally acknowledged within 1 minute. In case you do not receive any acknowledgment for a submitted paper, please do not resubmit your paper. Kindly drop us an email at Patrick Webb editorinchief@worlsciencepublisher.org .

My paper has not been accepted. What do I do now?

Papers not accepted on the first review round are sent back to authors either for major revisions or subject to complete reject. In case a paper is not accepted for major revision required, we highly recommend authors to revise and implement the reviewers’ recommendations and re-submit. In case a paper is not accepted for subject incoherency, we highly recommend authors to re-submit to other journals in WSP.

My paper has been published, but I cannot find it on the Web.

All published papers are normally indexed within 1 day from the date of publication and thereafter should normally be visible on the Web within 2-3 days.

My paper has been published, but I cannot find the PDF file on the Web.

All published papers need usually 1 day for our editors to check the layout and make the final camera-ready version, hence, you need to await your PDF file within 2-3 days.


eAccept & ePublication Certificate. Why and When?

As a recognition of the author’s contribution in WSP, the WSP will issue e-Accept & e-Publication Certificates by email. The certificates are normally sent to you only requested.

Comparing WSP charges with other publishers

WSP’s free-or-charge is extremely competitive. See the following comparison table below.

Publisher/Journal Publication Fee – US Dollars Submission Fee
Cambridge University Press $ 2000 + Color Charges Null
BrillOpen $ 2000 Null
Sage Open $ 2000 Null
Springer $ 2000 Null
Elsevier $ 2000 + Color Charges Null
Hindawi $ 2000 + Color Charges Null
Oxford University Press $ 2000 + Color Charges Null
Blackwell $ 2000 + Color Charges 50
Taylor & Francis $ 2000 Null
Science Academy $ 1000 Null
World Science Publisher $ 75 or Free Null

Self-Archiving – Increase visibility of your publications

We strongly recommend all our authors to submit a copy of their published papers to the site arXiv.org which is maintained by Cornell University. This will help in increasing the visibility of your articles and hence increase their citations. It cost only 3-5 minutes, and the impact is great.

WSP Google Group. Should I join?

We invite all academics and researchers to join our page in Google Group. Joining our Google Group demonstrates your support to us and our community, and you can get the latest information of our sites.


I would like to join the Editorial Board.

We welcome applications to join the Editorial Board. Write to Santiag Mills chairman@worldsciencepublisher.org and send us your complete CV. Please kindly allow 1 week for processing your application. The editors are responsible to publish at least one paper per year on WSP journals.

I would like to join the Reviewers Committee.

We welcome applications to join the Reviewers Committee. Write to Santiag Mills chairman@worldsciencepublisher.org and send us your complete CV. Please kindly allow 3 days for processing your application.

Why an Ethical Board?

WSP is committed towards the fight against plagiarism. The Ethical Board has the responsibility to deal with cases of plagiarism and any other unethical issue, or you can email to Kelvin Green ethicalboard@worldsciencepublisher.org

How to advertise on WSP website?

Choose where you want to advertise and tell us! For information about advertisement on WSP website, please send an email to Harry Martin advertisement@worldsciencepublisher.org

How do I donate to WSP?

Simply log to the website and click on “Donations” in the right sidebar. Email to Santiag Mills chairman@worldsciencepublisher.org to consult the detailed procedures and benefits of donation.

What methods of Donation do you accept?

WSP accepts Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, check, money order, or purchase order as payment.

Can I change my user id and password?

Yes, simply log to the website and click on ”Change My Password” in the bottom of the screen.

Please make sure to enter an alphanumeric combination for both your user id and password, and please avoid using any special characters when creating your user id and password.